RFC 347 Echo Protocol

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Network Working Group                           Jon Postel
Request for Comments : 347                      Computer Science
NIC  10426                                      30 May 72

Categories: Standard Processes

                                Echo Process

I suggest that for debugging and measurement purposes those hosts which
are willing implement an "Echo" process.
This echo process would listen for a request for connection and execute
the Initial Connection Protocol (ICP) as specified in NIC 7104 the
"Current Network Protocols" notebook.  Upon completion of the ICP the
echo process would wait for data from the network.  When the data is
received from the network it is echoed at once, (and the buffer space is
re-allocated).  By echoed I mean that the data received is sent back
over the network, bit for bit with no modification by the echo process.
The echo process is terminated by closing the network connections.
Note that BBN-TENEX has had such an echo process available for use for a
long time.

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